The opposite of boring.

Turn any surface into a canvas that enables viewers to witness that which you want them to imagine. With GuRuStu, you're no longer limited to presentations made on tiny screens in conference rooms. Your creativity can be allowed to roam free within the confines of ever-expanding possibilities with Projection Mapping.

Expand Possibilities

The essence of engaging.

It's difficult to look away when light is telling a story. The attention of viewers is in high demand now more than ever. With so many voices fighting for the attention of your customers and viewers, Projection Mapping doesn't just elevate your message above those of your competitors, it engages the viewer with a sense of wonder.

Bring in the Wonder

The embodiment of innovation.

Fortunately for you, we took the charge to "think outside the box" quite literally. While Projection Mapping can take place inside or outside of a building, your partnership with GuRuStu Projection Mappers means our teams will work outside the status quo together so we can think bigger than ever before.

Think Big