Projection Mapping: the Modern Campfire You Need To See

Insights, Multimedia / 05.09.17 / Arvin Sepehr

If A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words, Projection Mapping Will Leave You Speechless.

Projection Mapping is an innovative initiative, a modern campfire you need to see to understand. The uses are as broad as light itself. It’d be silly to call it “new” because the Sun has basically been doing this for as long as its been around. Nevertheless, if a picture is worth 1,000 words, Projection Mapping will leave you speechless.

To grasp the profundity of maneuvering light to tell a story in epic proportions, Saky Bassette, Creative Director at Moment Factory said it best, “It’s a little bit like the campfire in the sense that people have gathered, since the beginning of time, around campfires to tell stories and gather in communities. And now, that fire has changed. Technology has changed. The stories have changed, but the basic human need has stayed the same.”

It’s strange to consider Projection Mapping to be as dire a need as food and water. But no one could refute the idea that telling stories, and telling them well, is important and inevitably human. It is in the arena of telling stories well that Projection Mapping enters the scene. So how does it work? What is it for? And why should anyone with a message they want to get out start paying attention to Projection Mapping?

Essentially, Projection Mapping is what occurs when one uses a projector to display images and presentations. Of course, with that definition, it doesn’t sound that incredible. I mean, technically, the PowerPoint presentation yesterday’s presenters used to inform you about their SWAT analysis could be labeled as “projection mapping.” But it isn’t at all what I’m talking about. I guess, like most things, the best way to define it is to show you.


We at GuRuStu have thoroughly enjoyed PM’ing because we’ve been all about fostering empowering stories. That’s the answer to the “What’s it for?” question regarding projection mapping. When you want to tell a story well, it requires keeping the audience’s attention. Throwing up custom designs on the side of a building that coincides with music and whatever other element you can think up.

Why should anyone with a message they want to get out start paying attention to Projection Mapping? Saky said it best, Gathering together with others in the community and telling stories is a basic human need. Sure, movie theaters have been accomplishing this task for a while, but isn’t it time storytelling went to another level? Your company’s permanent location or one time event needs to distinguish itself by telling your story. That’s why GuRuStu is among the few who know how to create modern campfires that bring people together. That’s what Projection Mapping is capable of. And it’s exactly what GuRuStu is going to keep accomplishing.