Projection Mapping: the Modern Campfire You Need To See
Insights, Multimedia / 05.09.17 / Arvin Sepehr

Projection Mapping is an innovative initiative, a modern campfire you need to see to understand. The uses are as broad as light itself. It’d be silly to call it “new” because the Sun has basically been doing this for as long as its been around. Nevertheless, if a picture is worth 1,000 words, Projection Mapping will leave you speechless.

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Tough Love for Marketers: Law of Diminishing Returns
Branding, Insights, Multimedia / 02.06.17 / Arvin Sepehr

Marketing at its best is a matter of informing. It is the act of making those who will benefit from a service or product aware of that service or product. It is the utilization of abstract or intangible strengths to meet concrete and tangible needs. Like any other helpful entity, the extent to which it is helpful is sadly the depth of harm to which its abuse will sojourn.

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How to shoot time-lapse photography
Multimedia / 08.11.15 / Kari Gassmann

Time-lapse photography can add a lot to your production quality on it’s own or paired with other elements, and there is no doubt that time-lapse photography can be absolutely beautiful. The best way to capture a time-lapse is to understand what settings you need to accomplish your goal. The settings will be different for a time-lapse of New York traffic rather than a time-lapse of the stars.

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How to make an interviewee feel comfortable on camera
Multimedia / 05.18.15 / Kari Gassmann

It’s not a mystery that some people are just not good in front of the camera. It’s not their fault, it’s honestly just intimidating to be on camera sometimes. They’re so nervous about messing up that they end up making their thoughts come out as a jumbled mess. If you’ve ever had a nervous interviewee, you know the pain of having to edit out stumbles, stutters, and run-on sentences.

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Shooting Video in Low Light Conditions
Multimedia / 05.08.15 / Kari Gassmann

When shooting video, it’s important to utilize plugins and equipment to get the best results. However, sometimes it can be difficult to achieve good results. One of the trickiest situations can be shooting video in low light conditions (nighttime or dimly lit rooms), especially when you don’t have the right equipment.

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