Projection Mapping: the Modern Campfire You Need To See
Insights, Multimedia / 05.09.17 / Arvin Sepehr

Projection Mapping is an innovative initiative, a modern campfire you need to see to understand. The uses are as broad as light itself. It’d be silly to call it “new” because the Sun has basically been doing this for as long as its been around. Nevertheless, if a picture is worth 1,000 words, Projection Mapping will leave you speechless.

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The Message is the Message. Part Two.
Insights / 04.13.17 / Arvin Sepehr

Pay attention to your message. Pay attention to the overarching logos you’re promoting. Is this about arming your customers with more mediums, structuring pipelines of cash in an attempt to fill that punctured bucket called your soul? Or are you proactively trying to make something beautiful, aware that doing so is not the easiest way, but ultimately the only one that is worthwhile?

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Tough Love for Marketers: Law of Diminishing Returns
Branding, Insights, Multimedia / 02.06.17 / Arvin Sepehr

Marketing at its best is a matter of informing. It is the act of making those who will benefit from a service or product aware of that service or product. It is the utilization of abstract or intangible strengths to meet concrete and tangible needs. Like any other helpful entity, the extent to which it is helpful is sadly the depth of harm to which its abuse will sojourn.

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Reinventing Data Marketing: What Spotify is Doing
Insights / 12.19.16 / Felecia

Data mining, at one time, was deemed as an invasion of privacy. These days it’s an acceptable method to making your web experience tailored to fit your desires. Spotify is not directly selling services to their consumers by data mining but creating content from the data to grab the attention of their target audience.

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The Message Is The Message. Part One.
Insights / 09.26.16 / Arvin Sepehr

This message merits stating because “the medium is the message” ideology, while particularly useful to those who sell the mediums, is ultimately leading humanity to a culture that has totally cut itself of from all those messages that don’t pertain to the mediums either directly or indirectly.

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Millennials, The Generation That Knows Logos Matter(s)
Community, Insights / 08.29.16 / Arvin Sepehr

To be taken seriously by Millennials, pay attention to your logos. The uproar over a popular brand changing logos says a lot about the way things have changed in the business world. It used to be that businesses had to work really hard to be deemed relevant and newsworthy by millennials.

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Why I Hate Blogs and Why That Should Matter To You
Insights / 05.21.16 / Arvin Sepehr

Many places run a blog only because it boosts their SEO (the ranking they have when someone uses Google’s search engine). Google has built an evolving algorithm that requires websites to keep their sites genuine and fresh. Google’s increasing standards are aimed at what we all want, a better internet.

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Reduce Stress and Get Things Done
Insights / 07.24.15 / Jonathan Bukofzer

As a project manager, you juggle the timelines and budgets for a team of creatives, developers, as well as a full roster of clients. Moving from project to project while knowing that the accountability for their success rests on your shoulders can make it hard to relax. Once you check one thing off of your to-do list, there are seemingly three more to take its place.

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The Modern Password
Insights / 04.24.15 / Mason Frakes

Passwords should be strong and easy to remember. For a long time we’ve done a good job of making them hard to remember by requiring a certain number of characters with at least a symbol here or a number there. I propose this solution to making them easier to remember and stronger at the same time.

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