We believe brands are built, trust is earned and results are proven.

Brands are built.

GuRuStu was founded in 2005 by Founder & Principal Partner, Stuart McDaniel at the young age of 16.

“I founded GuRuStu with a dedication to creativity, imagination and depth of life. I wanted to not only find solutions to problems; I wanted to foster empowering stories.” 

McDaniel sought out creatives with this same mindset and in 2008 GuRuStu grew to employ five.

With this growth in numbers, GuRuStu opened its first studio on the fourth floor of downtown Tulsa’s TransOK building.

While sticking to McDaniel’s original principles, GuRuStu continued to gain clients and take on new territory in the creative field.

By 2012, GuRuStu had grown enough to justify the value of owning property. The company purchased four adjoining street front buildings on 3rd in downtown Tulsa and immediately began renovation. This collection of 1920’s brick buildings became the company’s headquarters.


Trust is earned.

GuRuStu received world recognition in 2007 by designing and hosting a website for Tulsarama’s buried car, “Miss Belvedere”. The car was to be unearthed during the Tulsarama event after being buried for 50 years inside a time capsule. The website received 3.4 million hits worldwide during the course of the event.

During 2007, GuRuStu assisted Karen Keith, Tulsa County Commissioner District II, in running a successful political campaign. Work on this campaign helped build long lasting relationships and opened doors to many new opportunities.

In 2010, GuRuStu celebrated its 5th Anniversary by forming the GuRuStu Foundation as a way to give back to the community. Through the company’s generosity and dedication, the name GuRuStu has become synonymous with quality.


Results are proven.

Since its founding, GuRuStu has continued to expand, hiring new creatives and receiving awards and recognition, both locally and worldwide.

In 2011, GuRuStu was awarded the prestigious IFEA/Haas & Wilkerson Pinnacle GOLD Award for BEST MISCELLANEOUS MULTIMEDIA for the mobile app they developed for the Tulsa International Mayfest.

Later that year, at the 46th Annual Tulsa Addy Awards, the 3D Wonderwall building projection show GuRuStu produced in honor of the 40th anniversary of Mayfest was recognized and GuRuStu received an Addy for BEST OF SHOW and another in the OUT-OF-HOME category. A Silver Addy was also awarded to GuRuStu at the Regional level.

In 2013, GuRuStu helped form a new district in downtown Tulsa,  the East Village District. GuRuStu currently assists with the district’s marketing efforts and promotional events. The East Village District continues to flourish as a residential hub of the city. With more developmental plans unfolding, the growth of the East Village District has become exponential.


2015 marked GuRuStu’s 10th Anniversary.

As our client base continues to grow, we will hold true to our founding principles: With a dedication to creativity, imagination and depth of life, always aspire to not only find solutions to problems, but to also foster empowering stories along the way.