With the release of a new product, H&M was excited to receive a 3D visualization that brought their product to life.
H&M's new Advantage Saddle-Type Machine was such an improvement from the standard saddle-type that H&M wanted an eye catching way to show off the new features of the machine.
GuRuStu took the 3D model of the Advantage and added photo realistic textures and animated the individual parts to demonstrate the true essence of the machine. This 3D visualization gives the viewer a look at the machine from the inside out, allowing them to see the things that they wouldn't have been able to see through traditional video production.
In addition to a 3D visualization, GuRuStu created 3 different videos about each of the most popular products that H&M offers.
Each video covered the features of the machine as well as the machine actually in use. The videos were needed to be educational but also deliver a sales pitch to potentially new customers.
GuRuStu also designed and developed a responsive website for H&M Pipe.