With an industry that has so many different sectors and a market that is constantly changing, your marketing techniques need to be miles ahead of the game. You need someone that knows your brand and knows your needs. GuRuStu takes the time to understand who you are and where you’re going. Whether your audience is consumer based or facilities and providers; GuRuStu can help you reach your target and also provide measurable data to track your return.

    Large Scale Retail
    & E-Commerce

    Retail often faces the challenge of having a modest budget with short deadlines. At GuRuStu, we work to maximize your budget by helping to increase your traffic both online and in-store. Our proven methods will help convert your sales and boost your average ticket and unit volume, while simultaneously improving your brand’s image. GuRuStu guarantees trackable and measurable results, giving you the most return on your marketing investment.

      Charities, Non-Profits
      & Foundations

      Non-profit organizations are generally in need of a marketing strategy that reflects the organization’s budget conscious goals. GuRuStu helps non-profits build innovative fundraising initiatives and increase online donations, while improving volunteer acquisition and community enrichment.


        Educational institutions are constantly in need of new ways to market to various demographics, however they face budget restrictions that make it difficult to connect with their target audience. GuRuStu has experience working with multiple educational institutions and has helped increase enrollment and market new programs, while boosting brand awareness.

          Business to Business
          & Manufacturing

          B2B marketing requires an understanding of the customer’s needs regarding price and profit potential. B2B marketing is very specialized and requires a vast knowledge of the target market and the future of the specific industry. Manufacturers require specific outreach solutions to impact their audience that differ from the basic consumer marketing principles. Consumers will often choose products based on price and other emotional triggers, while B2B buyers will make their decisions based on whether or not a product provides a cost effective solution to their company’s needs. GuRuStu works with industry leaders to discover and understand their individual needs.

            Professional Services

            Selling something that is intangible is a task in itself. Being clear with who you are, what you do, and who you do it for, produces results. Whether you offer commercial cleaning, operate a law firm, or provide architectural services,  you’re selling to other businesses, consumers, or both. GuRuStu’s effectiveness is found through research. Embracing what differentiates your company from the rest and developing cohesive content attracts and retains your market audience. In order to be found you need a remarkable story. Think of us as editors, here with a pen and a page bringing clarity and flow to your narrative all while helping you find your voice.


              In an industry that is always striving to be ahead of the competitors, your marketing methods need to be new and innovative. Technology is always changing, every year, every month, every day. New and more advanced technology is the message you need to convey to your audience, and GuRuStu knows how to convey that message. GuRuStu is constantly learning and implementing new methods that can extend your marketing reach. These methods produce results, and these results are trackable.

                & Custom Work

                Sometimes your business is more complex than the average company and doesn’t fall under conventional industry categories. Your methods of marketing may be “non-conventional” and need special care and attention. GuRuStu has experience working with the odd & unique, using creative marketing methods that are outside the metaphorical box. These methods are proven to reach your target audience, no matter what obstacle presents itself. If you have a goal, GuRuStu can help you reach it.